Freelance Writing


I have written for both print and online media as well as corporate and education videos. Below you can find samples of my freelance work.

“A Most Complex Monarch: Louis XIV of France”(July 3, 2024)

“Indexing, See also Freelance Work” (April 14, 2023)

 Memoirs and Legacy Books” (Jan. 7, 2022)

Turn Your Child On To Journaling (Oct. 25 2007)

“Kyoto by the Book”
The Christian Science Monitor; (Travel section, April 20, 2005)
 The Seoul Times


Print Articles:

“Dinner Theater With a Catholic Twist”
St. Anthony Messenger Magazine (Cover Story, August 2007)

“More Than Trivia: Funny Man Michael Feldman’s A Live Wire”
50 Plus Lifestyles Magazine (Cover Story, June 2007/Print edition only)

“Finding My Audience”
Writing From the Heart/Writer’s Digest (July 2002)